DS DoubleSys - On Sale Now!!

On Sale Now!!

DS DoubleSys is now available on the iPhone App Store!


  1. I had just bought your app. But just make me upset. It has only one game (may be can unlock later), and the game is difficult. The game sell at 4.99 is a high price. I am looking foward you will have seriiously update.

  2. Looks good but obviously what we are waiting for is a load rom function. For our backups and homebrew

  3. Dang it already got pulled from the app store. Can I get my money back?

  4. It is still available in the Canadian iTunes store. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be anyway to load a real NDS rom image onto it.

    If there was a was an updated version that would let me play favourite DS game: "Pokemon Platinum" on my iPodTouch, I would buy this app in a second!

  5. dudes, i hope you guys are still going to update this app even though its not in US anymore, it has wonderful potentiol and to tell the truth, i was kind of disappointed when i saw the game i unlocked was a mario version of the other game, its fun but with no more unlockables theres no incentive to go back to it, and if you do update please add music instead of clapping. More colored DSs and some different non-musice games (a small adventure, platformer or possibly an RPG) the possibilities are endless,but good start :)